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ASA Daily 3-in-1 Filling Ebonite Fountain Pen
Brand: ASA
Product Code: ASA-EVE-1-3
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Presenting the ASA Daily, A fully handmade, ebonite fountain pen and is a 3 in1 filling.

Introduction- The Daily is a full ebonite, completely handmade fountain pen. The pen sports a classic cigar look, with conical top and bottom. The pen is 3 in 1 filling, it can be used as an Eyedropper, Converter fill or with standard international converter.

The Daily,  comes fitted with a German Made nib unit (Schmidt FH341). Available is F, M, & B

The pen takes standard international converter, one can also purchase a converter Schmidt K5 make), with the pen.

Why should you buy this pen?

If you are looking for a life long, daily companion for writing, here it is...

If you are looking for a smooth, gliding, burp-free, easy to maintain, classic design, best of technology and best of ebonite material, then look no further. The Daily is your answer. The pen is perfect for tireless, long writing.

The Daily is a standard size pen with a perfect fit to one’s pocket size-wise and value-wise.