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Gama Eyas Fountain Pen
Brand: GAMA
Product Code: GE-01
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The "Eyas", is a Young Hawk, Eyas also means God's Gift. The Eyas, was born out of the succes of Gama Hawk. Based on several requests for a more adorable & smaller size pen for certain group of customers.

Presenting the Gama Eyas, .a full ebonite pen in a Regular Size*. Eyas is completely handmade in ebonite and has a classic cigar shape.

Comes in Matt Finish and Shiny Finish

Manufaturer Gem & Co
Brand Gama
Origin Country India
Model Name Eyas
Pen Type Fountain Pen
Pen Material Ebonite
Nib Type Iridium Tipped dual tone HQ nib
Tipping Iridium Tipped
Nib Width Indian Fine
Body Colour Shiny Black and Matt Black Finish
Cap Type Screw-on cap; Ebonite
Filling Mechanism Eyedropper
Trims Chrome
Feed material Ebonite
Pen Size Regular (Bracket Figures Shows Hawk Measurements)
Pen Length Capped 148 mm (152 mm)
Pen Length Posted 170 mm (180 mm)
Average Barrel Dia 14.5mm (16 mm)
Average Section Dia 12 mm (13 mm)
Average Cap Dia 16 mm (18 mm)

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