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ASA Maya Ebonite Fountain Pen
Brand: ASA
Product Code: ASA-EVE-2-2
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Why is this pen, called Maya?

Maya, in Indian context is “Alluring-Appearance”.  Every curve and every aspect of its appearance is out of my deep love and craving for a perfect pen. A pen I have dreamt for long and conceptualised.

The pen has bearings to the classic vintage style pens of 70s and 80s, but at the same time builds in modern nib-feed systems. The top and bottom, are shaped like diamonds to give this craetion an unique appeal.

Maya, also stands for “Wisdom and Extraordinary power”. I am confident the beauty of this pen and its performance will enable the power of Maya to each of its owner. With this prayer I present this beauty.


Reason why you should Buy this Pen:

  • The pen is well built, sturdy and built to last.
  • Special handpicked ebonite, to assure good quality.
  • The pen ushers a new beginning as first time our own high quality ASA nibs and Clips are used to bring in a good qualityboth for writing and longivity of trims.
  • Modern German nibs systems from JoWo or Schmdt ensures the filling systems as desired.