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ASA I Can Full Ebonite Stylish Fountain Pen

ASA I Can Full Ebonite Stylish Fountain Pen
ASA I Can Full Ebonite Stylish Fountain Pen ASA I Can Full Ebonite Stylish Fountain Pen
Brand: ASA
Product Code: I Can
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: US$ 38.00
Ex Tax: US$ 38.00

Available Options

* New Ebonite Colours:

* ASA Nib Option:

* FP testing?:

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Please note I CAN is available only for pre order. Please note that pen will ship in maximum 4 weeks from ORDER Date

Presenting the ASA "I Can" Full Ebonite Stylish Fountain Pen. 

General Description- The ASA "I Can"is a handsome fountain pen. The pen is Long pen with an excellent balance. Its long barrel and well designed ebonite section provides, good balance, comfortable grip and stress free writing experience. The pen sports a good quality, stylish tear-drop, steel clip. The Cap Top is kept long to give a style to cap. Overall a very handome pen and for comfotable long hours of writing.

Whats Special about the "I Can"- The "I Can", as the name suggests is a pen with an attitude. It is gauranteed to stand apart and win every race. Its been designed to give maximum comfort and balance. If you are preparing to write uninterrupted for a day..this is the pen you should carry. The "I Can", comes with a stock F nib of good quality. If F is not your preferred width, you may choose to upgrade for a M width by choosing a Made In Germany nib (JoWo standard International #6 nib).

Why you should buy this Fountain Pen-

1) The 'I can" is a very handsome pen. The Pen is joy in itself!

2) Its built for tireless, long hours writing

3) Its a completely handmade pen, everything is hand finished giving every detail attention.

4) A good quality steel F nib with an option to upgrade to a Made In Germany M nib (JoWo standard International #6 nib)


Material - Ebonite,

Pen Length (Capped) 153 mm
Pen Length (Un-capped- with Nib) 143 mm
Pen Length (Un-capped- without nib) 120 mm
Section Length 23 mm
Cap Length 70 mm
Cap Dia 16 mm
Barrel Dia 14 mm
Section Dia 11.5 mm
Nib Polished Steel, F nib, Upgrade option for German Made M (JoWo standard International #6 nib)

Comapred to Lamy Safari :

I Can Colours Guide (Refer Picture Below):-   Left to Right- Shiny Black,Matt Black, Grren-Black, Bluish Black,Light Brown, Dark Brown, Tiger-Yellowih Black,Blue Brown, Yellowish Brown,Brownish Green, Light Cocoa (with black freckles)

I Can production run


Images by our customer Ms. Shirley Mathias


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