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Jinhao 601 Fountain Pen; "Lord Venkateshwara", Speacil Edition 2016

Jinhao 601 Fountain Pen; "Lord Venkateshwara", Speacil Edition 2016
Brand: Jinhao
Product Code: Jinhao 601
Availability: In Stock
Price: US$ 20.00
Ex Tax: US$ 20.00

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Presenting the Jinhao 601 Fountain Pen. A Special Edition of limited numbers made in glory of "Lord Venkateshwara".


The pen is presented in a specially crafted premium Special Edition Box. The box is optional and can be purchased as an addition. Pen can be purchased without box.


This is an ExclusiveSpecial Edition pen made to order for ASA pens from Jinhao. This Fountain Pen is brought to you exclusively by usThis pen is called "Lord Venkateshwara". The Vaishnava Symbols of "Conch", "Sudarshana Chakra" and the "Tilak" symbols is beautifully etched on the Cap.

The barrel carries a beautiful etched image of Lord Venkateshwara. He is symbolic of good results and auspiciousness. Before any important work, he is invoked. He is also symbol of the closeness and symbiotic relation between humans and their environment. The pen augurs auspiciousness and is a must have for every auspicious beginning.



Other Technical details: The pen is numbered Jinhao 601; it is full brassmetal pen. The pen comes with a Premium Brass Jinhao converter. Nib is standard steel 18 KGP with iridium tip. Cap type is snap on cap. Filling mechanism is Cartridge/Converter. Steel, Body Colour, Black Jewel on Cap Crown; the body colour is Lustrous Steel, Antique Silver Finish.

Pen Size  
Pen Length Capped 140 mm
Pen Length Posted 160 mm
Average Barrel Dia 12 mm
Average Section Dia 10 mm
Average Cap Dia 13 mm

Why you should buy this fountain pen:

1)  This is an excellent example of fountain pen craftsmanship with exotic and rare convergence of auspiciousness.

2) This is a very limited edition fountain pen to keep memories of culture and heritage and remind one of soul synchronisation.

The Cap has the Vaishnavite symbols of the "Conch", "Sudarshan Chakra" and "The Tilak". The Cap Top has a black jewel, which is embossed

with the "Sun", represents the "Surya Narayana"




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