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ASA Sniper Hooded Nib in 3 in1 filling Fountain Pen

ASA Sniper Hooded Nib in 3 in1 filling Fountain Pen
ASA Sniper Hooded Nib in 3 in1 filling Fountain Pen ASA Sniper Hooded Nib in 3 in1 filling Fountain Pen ASA Sniper Hooded Nib in 3 in1 filling Fountain Pen ASA Sniper Hooded Nib in 3 in1 filling Fountain Pen ASA Sniper Hooded Nib in 3 in1 filling Fountain Pen
Brand: ASA
Product Code: Sniper
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: US$ 58.00
Ex Tax: US$ 58.00

Available Options

* Sniper Cap Option:

* Sniper Nib Options:

* Sniper Section Option:

* I want converter (Schmidt K5):

* Sniper Barrel Option:

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Important :- The Sniper is now available only on order. Please select the options required and complete the order. Once order is received and payment made, I will start making the pen.

The Pen will be completed in 6-8 weeks and shipped. We will keep you updated at each step.

The Sniper is completely handmade and I personally do the nib tuning and setting.

Reviews by our customers of Sniper Link-1 I Link-2 I Link-3 By SBRE

We are pleased to offer the latest pen SNIPER. This is based on the demands generated by our customers on FPN. Here and later here Its been sleepless nights ever since the Group Buy took off at FPN. The challenge was daunting because of the high standards and expectations ASA pens has set amongst its well wishers. 

After, many iterations we are glad to have made the "SNIPER" in record time

The images are of the prototype.

Presenting the ASA "Sniper", an unique and innovative, Hooded nib fountain pen in 3 finishes and 3in1 filling system.

The Snipper is now available for pre-order. It will be available in EF  F, M, B and Cal.1.4 nib widths. Pre-order pens will be shipped in 3 weeks


Salient Features are:-

  1. One of the kind Hooded Nib pen, setting high writing standards.
  2. A 3in1 filling - Cartridge / Converter / ED
  3. Feels full in hand and a kingly pen with good Eyedropper capacity too.
  4. Technically robust
  5. Options in Ebonite and Clear Demostrator finishes.
  6. Best in class nib/feed systems. (Germa Made Nib units, with JoWo make nibs)

A description of the name: India has a tradition of honoring its soldiers.  In India, we have the concept of "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan" (Hail the Soldier, Hail the Farmer) - one who protects our freedom, and the one who provides us food. This name of the pen is an ode to the untiring soldier who protects us and protects our freedom. A Sniper is a highly trained and specialised soldier, who is known for his high level of efficiency and high achievement of target results. The Sniper engages targets from concealed positions. We believe the pen, with its design and performance will stand true to its name. We hope the users of this pen will put it to good use, and with their writing will finish off vices and fight other evils prevailing around them and bring peace, happiness and joy to everyone.




Length Capped- 150 mm
Uncapped - 130 mm (Without nib)
Uncapped- 135 mm (With nib)
Section length- 45mm
Barrel Dia- 14 mm
Section- 12 mm (Avg)

Nib Size- JoWo #5 threaded in nib unit in F,M,B and Cal.1.4

Converter- K5 converter of Schmidt make (Optional)


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