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ASA Porus Milky White Acrylic Jumbo Fountain Pen

ASA Porus Milky White Acrylic Jumbo Fountain Pen
ASA Porus Milky White Acrylic Jumbo Fountain Pen ASA Porus Milky White Acrylic Jumbo Fountain Pen ASA Porus Milky White Acrylic Jumbo Fountain Pen ASA Porus Milky White Acrylic Jumbo Fountain Pen
Brand: ASA
Product Code: Porus
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: US$ 65.00
Ex Tax: US$ 65.00

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Please note all Porus order is now available as Pre-order, all orders will be despatched from within 4 weeks from order date.

General Description:-

Presenting the ASA "Porus", a marvel in white acrylic.The pen is a Jumbo eyedropper pen and sports a 40 mm Ambitious nib. The pen gaurantees a very good balance and a jumbo ink capacity, in line with its size.




The Genesis :- A group of Indian Fountain Pen Lovers, got together one fine day. Soon, they started delibrating on a dream pen and its features. Soon, they arrived at a final design and presented to me a CAD image with measurements. I began the process immediately. Material, Nibs feeds and everything were sourced and pen was given shape as per design. The Design to reality was acheived in less than a week. Initially, 5 pens were made which were for this group.

The pen is available in two designs 1) Model A1- Cap is Flush with Body

                                                    2) Model A2- Cap and Barrel has 2 mm cave in band.

What is special about "The Porus"?

The Porus, is a completely handmade pen (No CNC).The pens is a beauty, its a sure eye turner and will grab attention.

Made from high quality acrylic rod. with intricate attention to every detail. Each pen is an output of several hours of handiwork in shaping and finishing. The pen has a classic look with the right balance. Being an eyedropper the pen gives the ease of hours of writing.

ASA Galactic Vs Gama Supreme (Another Jumbo Pen)

Why you should buy "The Porus"?

1) The Porus is a featured pen and is a confluenece of thoughts of a group of fountain pen lovers.

2) Promises perfect balance, writing experience and looks. A jumbo capacity ensures uninterupted supply.

3) The 40mm Ambitious nib is the perfect companion for the pen. Its the largest Indian nib in market today.

4) Its a marvel, acheived in premium white acrylic amterial.

5) Its a real eye candy, Its sure to turn eyes.and grab attention.

6) The Porus,  will surely be the most loved and beautiful pen in your collection.



Material - Acrylic resin

Pen Length (Capped) 170 mm
Pen Length (Un-capped- with Nib) 160 mm
Pen Length (Un-capped- without nib) 140 mm
Section Length 35 mm
Cap Length 68 mm
Cap Dia 20 mm ~ 18mm
Barrel Dia 20 mm ~ 16mm
Section Dia 14 mm; Tapers to 13mm from 15mm




40 mm Ambitious nib, Gold Plated

The Nib width is between F and M.


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