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ASA Maven Stylish Ebonite and Acrylic Fountain Pen

ASA Maven Stylish Ebonite and Acrylic Fountain Pen
ASA Maven Stylish Ebonite and Acrylic Fountain Pen ASA Maven Stylish Ebonite and Acrylic Fountain Pen ASA Maven Stylish Ebonite and Acrylic Fountain Pen
Brand: ASA
Product Code: Maven
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: US$ 48.00
Ex Tax: US$ 48.00

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Please note Maven is available only for pre order. Please note that pen will ship in maximum 4 weeks from ORDER Date



Presenting the Maven Stylish Ebonite Fountain Pen, with a clear visible/demonstrator Acrylic bottom

Genesis - It is for long discussed by all users of eyedropper pens about the critical ink level, or ink level at which some eyedroppers burp out ink. It was felt that if the level of ink before it is fully exausted in the barrel is known, then it can be topped up and burping at final ink levels can be avoided. At the same time, ebonite was a pet material for fountain pens. So, the idea was to design a pen which is ebonite, but also a demonstrator to indiacte ink levels. Besides, it also helps to know which pen is filled with which ink.

Introduction - Maven is innovative in its design. The pen is finished by hand by a master craftsman with over 60 years of pen making expertise behind him. The pen is a real beauty and is a stylish confulence of Ebonite and Acrylic.The Pens doubles up as an ebonite beauty as well as a demonstrator.

Special Features- The pen is a large pen and as its an eyedropper, has a good ink capacity for long writing hours. The pen is hand finished in 5 finishes Brown-blk, Green-blk, Light Brown-blk, Shiny-blk and Matt-blk ebonite. The Cap top is elegantly made in Acrylic, giving the appearence of a Crystal ball. The bottom tapering button is made of acryic which fuses with the ebonite barrel stylishly and overall design. The extension of the barrel into the acrylic tail makes it a demonstrator also.

Reason Why You should buy this Fountain Pen- This is a very unique pen. Its Clear Acrylic bottom portion is designed to indicate the ink level. However instead of the ink window at the middle, the ink window has been provided at the back so that the user wanting to check with the ink while writing, will keep the pen usually fully inked. The Pen is completely handmade (No CNC etc), thus providing a natural finish, thick ebonite walls and sturdiness. The pen quality is evident by the very feel.

Size compared :- L to R Maven, Lamy Safari and Gama Supreme

Pen Specifications-

Pen Length (Capped) 152mm
Pen Length (Un-capped) 118 mm (Excl Nib)
Pen Length (Un-capped) 145 mm (Incl Nib)
Bottom Button (Acrylic)

45 mm (20mm visible)

Section Length 20 mm
Cap Length 65 mm
Cap Dia 20 mm
Barrel Dia 16 mm
Section Dia 13 mm avg.

Nib Options :- Polished Steel, F, M or B stock nib, 


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