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ASA Azaadi Spl Group Buy- Phase-II

Presenting ASA Azaadi in Colourful Acrylic

Spl Group Buy - PHASE II

Based on popular demand, we are extending the group buy till 5th September'2020 as PHASE-II

Spl Group Buy Prices :-

Indian Price is Rs.3000/- (All inclusive, incudes shipping by India Post, Speed Post or DTDC )

Rest Of World Price is USD 65 or Equivalent (All Inclusive, Shipping by India Post Registered Airmail)

Please note expected shipping date for within India is 2nd October'2020 July 2020 and Rest of World is October 14th.. This is due to latest lockdown exit norms.


Very Limited stocks available. This group buy is available only till stocks lost.



The ASA Azaadi was inspired by the flagship Conway Stewart Model- Conway Stewart Churchill. Soon a group of fountain pen enthusiasts in India, members of the “Fountain Pen Pals India” WhatsApp/Telegram group launched the pen in on August 15th where it was received with incredible enthusiasm. 

Since it was launched on 15th August 2015, which happens to be India’s Independence Day, it was only fitting to call the pen “Azaadi” which means “Independence” in Hindi. It was also a cheeky repartee to Churchill whose opinions about Indians and the notion of Indian Independence weren’t necessarily very appropriate.

Please find links to external reviews of this pen (Earlier Customisations here)

Review of ASA Azaadi in Red Starduts by Prithwijit Chaki

Review of ASA Azaadi in Opal by Bobje

Launching ASA Azaadi in 7 unique colours.

Colours from Left :-

1) Red-Orange 

2) Flamboyant Red Crush

3) Blue-Pink

4) Many shades of Blue

5) Red Craklers

6) Golden Orange

7) Multi Coloured 

Each pen will come with a Choice of JoWo nib unit in Golden or Dual Tone finish (Depending on availability)

Nib Tips available F, M, B, 1.1 and 1.5 (1.1 and 1.5 are Calligraphic stubs)

Why Azaadi?

The Azzadi is a beautiful acrilic pen. Its a completely handmade pen and uses premium quality acrylic material. The dual tone body gives the pen an exclusive look. The Cap Button (which is uniquely designed)  and tail button alongwith the hourglass section are made with ebonite to give you maximum comfort for long writing hours. The German nib unit jowo gives you pleasure of smooth, effortless writing experience.

Each pen also includes a German made Schmidt K5 Converter.

Pen uses a vintage, high quality brass clip and cap band.

Here is the drawing and also size compariosn from our collection.

Here is the drawing of Azaadi and a size comparison with a Lamy Safari

Size Comparison (Pic Courtesy- Prithwijit Chaki)

Some pics of unique Azzadi made earlier



(Pic Courtesy- Prithwijit Chaki)


 (Pic Courtesy- Bobje)


(Pic Courtesy- Bobje)


(Pic Courtesy- Samrat Ganguly)

(Pic Courtesy- Samrat Ganguly)

(Pic Courtesy- Samrat Ganguly)



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