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 7 Jan 2015 (by email)

Dear Subramanian,

I have received the two pens in excellent condition and within the time period you have specified. I am thrilled to be the proud owner of such high quality pens.

I am impressed by the way in which you have handled this transaction.

You also have a very wonderful way of packing the pens.

I look forward to ordering another set of pens soon.

Thank you,

Prof. Jacob Shylla.
Shillong (Meghalaya, India)  

 23 Nov 2014 (by email)

Dear Mr. Subramanian,

I got the Athlete pens and they are wonderful. I haven't had any time to write a review about it, but will do so as soon as I can on the FP Network. It really is a wonderful design.

Looking at my collection of ASA pens my son has thrown out all his gel and ballpoint pens and is now 100% into fountain pens. He is 15 years old and in the 10th now. It feels great to see the younger generation take to it. His pencil box is filled with the Ezhuthani, Athlete, Airborne and the Kuyil. :-)

Best regards
Prasad Venkatraman

 16 Nov 2014 (by email)

Dear Mr. Subramanian,

I should say that I am blown away by the Athlete. Along with Lamy Safari it has become my most cherished pen. I can not stop writing with it and talking to my wife about it. The quality of the writing and the experience is superb. The more I write the more I love it. Congrats for making such a wonderful pen. I am trying to figure out how to write a review of this pen on Fountain Pen Network. I will write one as soon as I figure that out. Loved the pen.

Thanking you,
Yours truly


20 Oct 2014 (by email)

Dear Mr. Subramanian,

I just received the pens. They look stunning. Especially the Athlete pen the workmanship on which is exceptional! Have not inked them yet but I am sure they will perform well.

Thanks a lot for these nice pens.

Prof. Lambadaris
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada


17-10-2014 (by email)

Arrived. Thank you ++++++

Dear Sir,

The pen has arrived !!!!! (It has arrived last week, but the US post office took a week to get to me).

This (Kuyil) is just a gorgeous pen. The nib is so smooth and quite broad. I feel very fortunate to be a proud owner of this pen.

I just want to say thank you for fitting the nib for me. It is quite a large pen.
Finally, I believe the Diwali festival is coming up (my mentor is from Southern India). May I wish you a safe and happy festival.
Best wishes,


22-05-2014 (by email)

Dear Subramaniam Sir,

Vanakkam! Namaskaar!

I am really very happy to find your site and reading your Blogs too. I found something on internet that suits and soothes my emotional level.
I am appreciating your dedication to serve the society in this way. You are a real Saraswati Putra!...

RK Nikhil, Bihar, India



25-04-2014 (by email)

Dear Sir,
I have received my order today. I could not resist to review it immediately. I have ordered 2 pens. Chelpark Sona & Jinhao X750. Both pens are exceptionally good. Real deal. I am fountain pen lover an started collecting pens as my hobby. I find myself fortunate to search you in google. I thank google too for being there. Hope to continue relationship with you for ever.

Thanks a ton.

Ramesh Kumar, Kerala, India






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