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Welcome to ASA Pens!

SubramaniamMy name is Subramaniam (my family also call me, Anand) and I manage ASA Pens with my wife, Aparnaa. My love affair with fountain pens goes back a long way now. One obscure winter morning, when I was about 7 years old, I received a Wilson Pen Set for a gift. While the names and dates blur, I do not forget the Red & Black Celluloid glints, the neat strokes I spent hours making on crispy white paper, and the bright colored inks I started to experiment with. I spent days, nay years, putting together a tiny collection of Artex, Camlin, Wality, Lamy, Parker, Sheaffer, Cross, Mont Blanc….. not unlike a magpie hoarding a shiny stash.

Time ticked on relentlessly and soon I went on to work with various service giants and reputed MNCs. I ended up heading their Customer Service units - Life was teaching me the skills I needed to build my dream! Good fortune smiled on me and I found my partner, Aparnaa – another passionate fountain pen collector and now My daughter who has taken up this hobby like a fish takes to water..

After over 2 decades of a fulfilling career in the services industry, we decided to put all our learning into our own little enterprise, ASA Pens was born. (ASA taken from the first letters of our names)

While pens are undoubtedly our passion, service orientation is our pride. Every customer who has acquired pens from us has become a friend and a stakeholder, often encouraging us with appreciation and suggestions for improvement. Its given us some friends, fans & also some mentors for life.

The English author, Graham Greene once said “My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course.”  In our case the fountain pen connects with our hearts. We try to help people who feel the same way.

We’re glad that you’re here and that you love writing and fountain pens. Browse through our rich collection here. In case there’s a pen that you can’t quite locate, do write to us at


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