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International Pre Order Window For Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pens With Jowo Threaded Nibs Sept 2014

International Pre Order Window For Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pens With Jowo Threaded Nibs Sept 2014
International Pre Order Window For Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pens With Jowo Threaded Nibs Sept 2014 International Pre Order Window For Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pens With Jowo Threaded Nibs Sept 2014 International Pre Order Window For Handmade Ebonite Fountain Pens With Jowo Threaded Nibs Sept 2014
Brand: Gama / ASA
Product Code: Jowo FPs International Pre Order
Availability: Sold Out
Price: US$ 0.00
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Guru Shikhar



Size Comparison Image

Group Buy options also available. Minimum 3 FPs. Shipping can be arranged from our end directly. Discounts of 10% available on group buy. If you are intending for group buy please contact us at earliest. Availability of stock is indicated in options above. The Group Buy offer is applicable only for purchases from outside India.

Complete set of Pen consisting of Revolution, Brahmaputra, Himalaya, Kaveri, Guru Shikhar (one each), with choice of nibs available for US$ 275 (or equivalent). If you want to purchase such a set please contact us at earliest. Availability of stock is indicated in options above. The Complete Set offer is applicable only for purchases from outside India

At times we forget. Its OK. We find that some of our Lucky Winners of Nib Survey have forgotten to use their discount coupon, and such coupon has lapsed. If you are one such winner and have forgotten to excercise the coupon, and wish to buy the FPs in this pre-order, then we are willing to let you use that coupon for buying these fantastic pens. Please contact us.


On offer are:( Refer Size Comparison Image) 

Revolution (Shiny Black) - 10  (Revolution Listing Page, Similar to Eyas)
Brahmaputra (shiny Black) - 8 (Brahmaputra Listing Page, Similar to Hawk)
Himalaya (Dark Brown Ripple GT) - 4  (similar to Supreme)
Himalaya (Light Brown Ripple CT) - 3 (similar to Supreme)
Himalaya (Green Ripple CT) - 4 (similar to Supreme)
Kaveri (Matt Black)- 10 (similar to Raja)
Guru Shikhar (Matt Black) - 5 (similar to Kuyil)

---Total 44 FPs--- as on 4-Sept-2014

Update : 50% FPs booked as on 9-Sept-2014
Update : Revolution booking sold out as on 10-Sept-2014

Available Nib Grades (JoWo Threaded Nibs):

Extra Fine (EF)
Fine (F)
Medium (M)
Broad (B) 
Calligraphy 1.1
Calligraphy 1.5

Ink filling mechanism is triple filling mechanism: (1) Converter (Schmidt), (2) International Cartridge and (3) as Eye Dropper. The Schmidt K2 converter is included in the price of the pen.

As you can see, the production run is limited in number, you can book these pens through pre-order. The shipping will start from 22 Sept 2014

1. A Note on Jowo Nibs  : ASApens is the official Representative in India for JoWo nibs. 

2. Opinions on Jowo Nibs from third party external websites

"JoWo is actually Germany’s oldest maker of steel nibs, having been doing so since 1853 ... and it’s well made and properly tipped and finished: one of the best steel nibs you’ll find anywhere." Source

"JoWo and Bock are the two big German nib companies that distribute. They both manufacture excellent nibs. Clearly, some the best nibs in the world come from these two companies. One might ask, “What about Schmidt”. Schmidt does not manufacture nibs. Schmidt buys their nibs from JoWo and Bock and then they assemble and distribute." Source

"We prefer Jowo as in our opinion they are the finest available. They supply some of the Worlds finest and famous pen brands but do not shout about it. But we are pretty certain they either have or still supply the following famous name pen makers:. Monteverde, Dani Trio, Conklin, Marlen, Waterford, Tibaldi, Signum , Libelle, Montegrappa, Stipula, Loiminchay amongst others." Source

3.We want our customers to take informed decision

JoWo of Germany supplies nibs of various types. Gold nibs and steel nibs, of different sizes; different tones - single tone / dual tone ; some are marked IPG, while others are left blank for manufacturers to put their own stamp on those nibs. All nib options listed on this pre-order page are JoWo #6 (35 mm) threaded steel nibs. To cater to the choices of our customers, we are providing different options of these nibs like single tone, dual tone, IPG marked, blank / unmarked.

If anyone is in doubt regarding the nib grade (EF / F / M / B / Italic (calligraphy)), we would advice such customers that before deciding on the nib grade , they consult customer reviews of the #6 steel nibs, so that they are fully satisfied about their choice. It should also be noted that there is no difference in quality of JoWo nibs whether standalone or in threaded housing. So customers are advised to read the relevant reviews and take informed decision. For eg. Review of #6 Jowo Nibs

4. Our Opinion on JoWo Nibs : If you need a nib that can glide on any kind of paper, then choose Medium or Broad nib. These M & B nibs have excellent smoothness and writes very smooth on any kind of paper and sure to give you high level of satisfaction in writing experience out of box. The M & B nibs can definitely be called "hot knife on butter". The Medium writes between 0.5 mm-0.6 mm. The Broad writes between 0.7 mm-0.8 mm.

Choose EF or F nib if you have used such nibs before and prefer to use good quality paper. On ordinary paper the EF & F nibs may give little feedback. Some users of FP enjoy & prefer having such little feedback as it keeps them "connected with paper". While on a 65 gsm paper the feedback can be experienced, on good quality paper eg. 80 or 90 gsm paper these write smooth. ("Feedback" is when one feels the paper while writing - this is in contrast to - "Tooth / Scratchy" which means a nib that scrapes paper fibre while writing.)

As to the 1.1 & 1.5 italic calligraphy nibs, these are specialised nibs and requires special way to hold the FP at a specific angle. While some people can use the 1.1 as a daily use FP to make their handwriting ornamental, the 1.5 should be used usually for calligraphic purposes. A couple of examples of 1.5 italic nib on external sites - example 1, example 2


A Note on Names

Revolution: The name does not require any description. The pen was so named because it was the first of its kind in India that brought together the best of Fountain Pen infusing the craftsmanship of India with technology of Germany.


Himalaya : It is the Mountain Range in north of India. The Himalayan range is home to the planet's highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest. The Himalayas have profoundly shaped the cultures of many people, both within and outside India. Himalaya is symbolic of being majestic, brilliant, glorious, magnificent, and splendid.


Brahmaputra : This is an international river and passes through north east part of India. Literally it means "Son of the Creator". It has inspired many cultures, people, famous artists, green activists and conservation efforts. It has been reason of creativity and have been source of celebration in life.


Kaveri : It is a famous river in South of India, and is considered very sacred in ancient texts. It is considered symbolic of purity. Of the Kaveri, Lord Vishnu says "Ganges is sacred because she originates from my feet; but you are infinitely more sacred to her as I adorn you as my garland". Upon this blessing, it is said that even the Ganges is said to come underground, once a year, to Kaveri to cleanse herself.


Guru Shikhar : It is the highest point in the Aravalli mountain range of India. Literally it translates to one who can attain peak of knowledge and learning.


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