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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can you understand Spanish / Japanese / Portuguese /...?

Ans. We best understand English. For any other language we have to take help of Google Translate - which in our opinion is not a good tool to use. Please converse with us in English. Even if English is not your mother tongue, we would be able to decipher what you are saying.

Q. When will you dispatch?

Ans. We dispatch within 72 hours (2 working days). However in cases of preorder or the product still in factory lines, the estimated dispatch date is mentioned in the listing..Also, in case you asked for tesing please add 2 days more.

Q. Which courier you use?

Ans. We use the official courier (EMS / Speedpost) which requires parcel to be signed on delivery. It also has tracking details (though the tracking details are slow to get updated)

Q. When will I get the parcel?

Ans. Very difficult to answer because we can only tell the dispatch date. The date of delivery will depend on various factors like train / plane connectivity, custom clearance where applicable, local weather conditions etc. etc. However based on our past experience, we can say the following.

India: 2 days to 2 weeks - depending on location

USA and North America - 3 to 6 weeks

South America - 3 weeks to 5 weeks

UK - 6 days to 4 weeks

Europe - 2 weeks to 4 weeks

Africa - 2 weeks to 4 weeks

Asia - 2 weeks to 4 weeks

Till date (Jan 2017) our delivery  has been 99%. 

There is also a thread on FPN on delivery by ASA

Q. What time zone you are located?

Ans. We are at GMT(UTC) + 5.30 Hours.

Q. When are you on holiday?

Ans. Our holidays dont affect the work flows. Your pens will be dispatched on scheduled. And you can contact us whenever you want. We are on communication channels 24 hours.

Q. I want to give custom order / I want to buy pens etc that are not listed on site. However I would like to have a reference number for the order. 

Ans. You can order using the voucher system and generate an order number for reference.

Q. Do you offer Group Buy? 

Ans. Yes we offer Group Buy. Details here



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